Story of a Photographer

At a young age I found so much joy in documentation and loved the way photography allowed me to relive moments in my life. My love for photography only grew throughout the years, I found so much joy in sharing my unique perspective of the world. Part way through earning my Bachelors in Fine Arts I took an internship with a talented portrait photographer who opened my eyes to another side of photography, portraiture. I love working with people, getting to know their stories, helping them tell them. In a world where we are so hard on ourselves, I love showing people how beautiful they truly are.

I started my business eighteen years ago, I have met interesting and beautiful people, I have had incredible experiences that have stretched and strengthened me, and I look forward to what comes next.




“I had such an amazing time with Jessica. I worked with her to modernize my headshots and social media photos. I teach technology in an approachable way. She really nailed it!

I keep getting compliments on how she really captured my personality! On top of that, she provided a safe space. My body has gone through a lot for medical reasons. She was patient, kind, and fun! Finally, she was respectful to my identity.”

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